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Why should an engineering student take aptitude test with
Suven Consultants?

Suven Consultants and Technology Pvt ltd has been placing job seekers with the correct employers from the past 8 years. We have been ranked as Golden Consultants by Monster India, on National level in terms of Quality of placement. Our motto is always finding the right candidate for the Right job.

Keeping Quality in mind we have asked the HR managers of various companies to prepare the Aptitude test papers, so that the Student (fresh engineers) understand the structure and type of questions asked by the companies at ON-Campus Recruitment. Every Individual can take free test of all companies listed on this site. These Test Papers are only indicative and for practice. Suven Consultants is not responsible for placing a candidate taking the free test. These Test Papers definitely improve a students capability to handle actual Company Aptitude On-Campus (at colleges). For getting recruited Technical Knowledge is equally important, look at Certifications Needed by IT Industry. Our Company trains on all Aptitude Topics through FOCUS.

Go ahead for the best Job, all the BEST.

Do you have a short (2-3 weeks) internship Experience?

1. Internship letter and technology knowledge helps to get Job in Dream         Company.
     2. US universities give up to 25 % tuition Fee waiver.

Become an Intern with us and work on live company modules/ projects

Is internship offered by Suven Consultants in technologies like PHP-MySQL, Android, and J2EE, recognized?

A student completing INTERNSHIP and passing TEST (in any particular technology or programming language) is awarded CERTIFICATE of Completion, Recognized by major IT companies

Feedback as a IT professional: dated: Sept 2009

"Hi, What I liked most about FOCUS training material is emphasis on technical aptitude skills as well as soft skills. Engineering students often are great at aptitude tests but they ignore softskills like Communication and Group discussion that equally matter, if not more!

Study Material has been designed to address both these aspects and therefore is comprehensive in my view. Combine it with logical way of teaching of Rocky sir and it is fantastic preparation for engineering student.

Regards, Rajan Vasani. IT work experience: 3.5 years

Feedback As an IT professional

At my personnel level I understand and appreciate that it helps students not only for placement preparation but also for looking at career options after engineering student life so that they take informed decisions about their careers!! All the best.

Regards, , Rajan Vasani. IT work experience: 3.5 years


Dear fellow engineers,

The aptitude content prepared by Suven consultants is specific to clear the Company aptitude. I have personally reviewed the study material of FOCUS course.

Regards, Abhijit Bavdhankar, IT Engineer Axicon Systems Ltd, Mumbai. Total work - 7 Years .


I have been placed ON- Campus at NMIMS as a management trainee, offered a 7 digit package, in GE. Before doing my MBA, I had work - Ex of 3 years at TCS. Doing an Executive MBA after a JOB Ex is one of the best options. The C2C is specifically designed for quality engineering students looking for dream Jobs All the best.

Regards, Tarik Sheth, Projec Manager At Morgan Stanely

Hi every one,

Rocky sir contacted me about 3 years ago, to prepare the course material for C2C under the guidelines laid out by Monster India. These guys were very specific, professional and the notes have been made specifically keeping in mind an average student, who needs to crack company aptitude. At my personnel level I understand that about almost all students who underwent the C2C training are placed, in fact in Day - 2 companies, technical jobs.
Rajendra Hegde, IT - Management, GE, Mumbai.

Regards, Total Work-Ex : teaching at SFIT : 1.5 years, at GE from last 6 months. Dated: Oct 2011.

Feedback about the Online Company aptitude papers:

The Company aptitude papers are very dynamic. The Companies keep on changing their variety of questions, but the overall structure of the paper remains almost same. The FOCUS program is really precise for company aptitude preparation. I think in FOCUS little more time should be given for VERBAL

Regards, Vidishsa. Sahijwani, VJTI , sem 7 - dated : Oct 2011.